February 2020

Electronics and photonics: How to accelerate industrialization?

The conventional approach to industrializing and automating new production processes requires relatively long development and tuning times. Especially for the manufacture of miniature components where assembly tolerances are very tight. The PHOTOMATIQ project thus aims to design an assembly machine for photonic components integrating Artificial Intelligence algorithms for faster and more precise active alignments.

Source - L'Usine Nouvelle N°3648

August 2019

Mr Paul Sauvageot interview

The innovations born from photonics are present everywhere in our daily life, in research laboratories, and on the production or control chains of industrialists. Some innovations lead to economic activity, and become an engine for business creation and development. In this issue, we interview Paul Sauvageot, CEO of ISP System.

Source - Photoniques

July 2019

ISP System specialist in precision engineering

Online assembly and control: AUTOMATION and ROBOTICS. ISP System designs and manufactures special machines: laser, micro-assembly, control, optics, automatic line, robotics and vision.

Source - Arts & Métiers Mag N°410

February 2018


With the Toulouse laboratory Cemes, ISP is one of the two French partners of the TNSI project selected within the framework of the European program of cross-border cooperation Spain, France, Andorra (POCTEFA).

Source - Magazine économique Entreprises Occitanie

January 2018


ISP System is an official partner in Transpyrenean Node for Scientific Instrumentation (TNSI) project, within the framework of the European program POCTEFA (Spain-France-Andorra cross-border cooperation).

Source - Photoniques